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May 31, 1998


To the editor:

I am writing to thank the Lawrence Journal-World, Mike Dekker and Mike Yoder for the wonderful coverage that has been given on the Lakeview-Crowder-Lewis cemetery and its rededication.

It was a very satisfying accomplishment and, by the crowd that showed up, we know that it was appreciated by the relatives whose loved ones were buried there. Several stayed and showed us where the stones that were made by Verle Istas were placed on the right graves. We also found where the baby section was, as one person remembered coming out with his father and showed us where the child was buried.

Again, I want to take this time to thank all of the volunteers who have given their time and money to help renovate this almost forgotten cemetery. It now looks like it is supposed to, not a timber with cows roaming over it, but a well-kept cemetery.

Iona Spencer,


Headline wrong

To the editor:

Wait. Did I miss something? The headline in Friday morning's paper (LJ-W, May 29) screams ``Wave of violence hits area schools.'' Yet, reading the story, it's clear that this was no ``wave'' and that, in fact, there wasn't even any ``violence.'' This kind of rumor-mongering is simply irresponsible and you should be ashamed of yourselves for printing it.

To counter this, I should like to point out that in a recent report by the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, the agency concluded that children were in far greater danger off school grounds than in schools. The author stated that, ``We're convinced that a lot of national policy is driven not by actual data, but by fears. Any child getting shot at school is a terrible thing, and we don't want to imply that it's not. But we feel that children are in a safer environment than they would be out of school.'' The recent spate of school shootings are indeed a terrible thing. Please don't make the situation worse by exploiting these tragedies with tabloid-style sensationalism and outright lies.

Bill Staples,

2427 Harvard Rd.

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