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May 29, 1998


The drinking fountain was just fixed, according to the center's receptionist, Stormy Samuel. The work was completed on Tuesday.

I'm having a discussion with a friend who says higher octane gasoline, which is more expensive, will give me better mileage in my small pickup truck.

Seldom true, says the Car Care Council. They suggest you stick with the fuel recommended by the truck maker as stated in your owner's manual.

Why does Congressman Vince Snowbarger have two offices in Kansas City, as well as one in Lawrence? Who pays for all of those offices?

Kevin Yowell, Rep. Snowbarger's chief of staff, said that the offices are to help constituents. The offices, he said, are a place where the representative's 600,000 constituents can go for help with government problems from late Social Security checks to residency for relatives.

``It's very simply for constituents' services,'' Yowell said. ``This is the same arrangement that our predecessor used. ... She was known for her excellent constituent services, and we took our cue from her.''

The offices are maintained from the congressman's staff budget from the House of Representatives.

``Congressman Snowbarger spends less on his staff than ... more than 80 percent of Congress,'' Yowell said.

The three offices are in the Federal Building in Kansas City, Kan., in Overland Park, and in Lawrence. The Lawrence office is only open three days a week, Yowell said.

Snowbarger's district includes all of Miami, Johnson and Wynadotte counties, and most of Douglas County.

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