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May 25, 1998


I'm a bit confused. Why would anyone use Web-based e-mail. If a person has access to the Web, they would have an e-mail account, right?

At first glance, I was also puzzled. Generally if you have an Internet connection, you have access to an e-mail account. However, Web-based e-mail has some very popular uses. For one, Web-based e-mail allows you to access your e-mail from anywhere: home, work, or school. These types of accounts are great for travelers.

In addition, some people have access to the Web at non-private places, such as computer labs or their employee workstation. With Web-based e-mail you can keep your mail out of view of anyone else.

Many students use Web-based e-mail, so when they graduate, they keep the same e-mail account. This is very helpful for job hunters, since upon graduation, many schools cancel e-mail accounts.

Finally, Web-based e-mail gives a user multiple e-mail accounts, while most Internet service providers only provide a person with one account. These additional accounts can be used for other family or household members or used to separate your personal and professional e-mail.

The most popular Web-based e-mail is Hotmail, but now Netscape and Yahoo! also provide these services. Check out their Web sites for more info.

-- David Greenbaum is director of Geeks on Wheels. You can send him questions at dsg

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