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May 25, 1998


Several employees of Lawrence public schools will be retiring this year. They include:

Sue Beal, Pinckney

James Beltch, Lawrence High

Kay Boydston, Hillcrest

Edward Climer, Maintenance

Ileene Donnelly, Central Junior High

Marlene Ebeling, Centennial

Carol Enos, Free State High

Norma Guenther, Free State High

Ginger Hamm, Centennial

Georgia Howell, Free State High

Carolyn Landgrebe, New York

Margaret Merrion, Broken Arrow

Sue Midyett, East Heights

Daphne Harris Payne, Hillcrest

Ruth Romero, Pinckney

Gladys Sanders, Service Center

Fred Schultz, Lawrence High

Larrie Scott, Lawrence High

Connie Spitz, Central Junior High

Barbara Trouslet, Centennial

Margaret Williams, Deerfield

Diane Woodworth, Sunset Hill

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