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May 25, 1998


To the editor:

In the LJW of May 20, Scot Pollard bemoans his financial plight. Scot, I confess that my heart does indeed bleed for you. It must be difficult indeed to try to make ends meet on your measly $400,000 per year (after that greedy old government has taken its 44 percent). And yes indeed, your career will likely be comparatively short, and so when it's all over, you will have earned -- what, perhaps a lousy $5-$10 million, after taxes? My father worked for 53 years, Scot, and in all those years brought home less than you will earn with your initial contract.

Scot, I suggest that you (in contemporary parlance) ``get a grip,'' and gain some perspective on the real world. In that world, the vast majority do not have the good fortune of making millions for playing a game. Look around, Scot, and become aware of your fellow human beings, who are not purchasing special breeds of dogs or having old cars restored. It is those persons who are your fans, and who ultimately provide you with your luxurious lifestyle.

Piet R. Knetsch,


Oregon killings

To the editor:

Back in the 1960s I lived a few minutes' drive from the site of Thursday's high school shootings. News reports indicate that with Oregon's new abortion and assisted suicide laws, it's now quite legal in Oregon to kill babies and the elderly. If so, how can its citizens object to the killing of teen-agers?

Art Thomas,

1642 Ind.

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