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May 25, 1998


With efforts under way to abolish the Kansas Board of Regents, the board may have a difficult time recruiting a new executive director.

Chances are, members of the Kansas Board of Regents will have a challenging task in filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Stephen Jordan as the board's executive director.

Jordan will leave his post July 1 to take over as president of Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Wash. He has served as executive director of the regents since January 1994.

There are Kansas legislators who want to do away with the board of regents and create a larger commission to oversee all post-secondary education in Kansas. This effort is taking place despite the fact that the regents system of governance has worked well for Kansas and university administrators from other states frequently note that they wish they had a similar system.

However, due to political posturing and the desire by many associated with the state's community college system, some lawmakers want to change the regents system. Various promises have been made about increased funding for the regents schools if a new system were to be put in place and other incentives have been suggested to try to buy the support of other legislators and those associated with community colleges.

It is likely the future governance of regents universities will be one of the major battles of the next legislative session.

With that in mind, how will regents be able to attract a truly top-flight, able individual to move into the exxecutive director's job? It is an important position, but who would want to move to the Topeka office, knowing the job may be eliminated within a short time?

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