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May 21, 1998


If you haven't jumped on the swing music bandwagon yet, you have only to witness one hot set of Jeffrey Lee and the Pale Moon Kings to set your feet on fire.

The carrot-topped crooner and his band of well-dressed, finely tuned musicians are tighter than ever. They flew through some scorching numbers on the patio of the Replay Lounge, 964 Mass., Sunday night. Dancers twirled and tossed each other around with style.

If you want to learn the hot moves, or just the basic waltz, Liberty Hall Dance Studio is once again offering salvation for the dancing impaired with a summer session of their famous swing class.

Lawrence's Vosotros is calling it quits and will be having their final show June 1 at the Replay Lounge.

The Switch happily announced the addition of one of Lawrence's best bassists, Steve Buren, to its line-up. Buren is a veteran of many bands, including Joe Worker, Action Man and Speed Queens, and he penned ``Plus One,'' one of my favorite songs.

The Sin City Disciples' final show, a surprise gig at Kansas City's Davey's Uptown, was tragically cut short when guitarist Donny Byrom fell ill. Apparently he suffered a heart attack and is receiving treatment in Kansas City.

You can witness one of the seven wonders of the rock `n' roll world Friday when Nashville Pussy takes the stage at The Bottleneck, 737 N.H., with Gaunt opening the show.

Besides having a searing guitar sound pushed to hyperdrive and turned to ``11,'' they have fire-breathing, 6-foot-plus bassist Corey Parks. It's more than just a novelty. She wields the bass well, having earned her wings years ago with Kansas City's Transylvania 2000. Just don't stand too close to the stage or you may get scorched.

Do you hear the ``Rumble?'' I've said it once and I'll say it again ... go see Link Wray Tuesday night at Kansas City's Grand Emporium. The man is a legend -- 'nuff said.

England's Cornershop delivered one of the most original albums of last year with ``When I was Born for the Seventh Time.'' You can check out the band's unique blend of East Indian music, techno and beautiful pop when they play The Granada on June 6.

Last but not least, Liberty Hall, 644 Mass. is bringing a Lawrence favorite back to town, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones will be performing on June 14. It's boundary crossing, untraditional traditional music.

It's been a blast folks, but I'm crying ``uncle'' and turning in the pen in favor of a camera and other pursuits.

It's been an honor to write about music in a town so rich with talent and numerous venues that bring in large and small touring acts. You can't define Lawrence's music ``scene'' and why bother? There are lots of bands to see, good and bad, local and national, so get out there and see them.

James ``Munchkin'' Grau will be tuning you in to musical events. In addition to having covered much of Lawrence's punk past in his zine, Ugly Munchkin, he's a mean shot with the camera.

Finally, if you're not doing anything tonight, come by Louise's, 1009 Mass. Upstairs in the swanky ``Continental Room,'' two of Lawrence's most reclusive, and most rockin' bands, the Sexareenos and the Eudoras, will perform at what has become an annual event -- my 30th birthday. See you on the dance floor.

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