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May 19, 1998


Douglas County will pay NetCom Inc. $15,814 to install fiber-optics cable to link the courthouse to the law enforcement center and Public Works Department.

Commissioners voted Monday to hire NetCom Inc., of Gladstone, Mo., to install the fiber-optics cabling, passing over Lucent Technologies' bid of $19,627.

The cable linking the courthouse to the law enforcement center would use existing conduit. Because of limited space in the existing conduit, NetCom will have to handle the cable linking the courthouse to Public Works differently. NetCom will add new conduit and run fiber through it. Lucent wanted to bury the fiber.

The county's preference was to have the cable run through conduit, a memo to commissioners said, adding the county would be required to enter an agreement with the city to obtain limited use of a public right of way.

Lone Star Lake

closed for triathlon

Organizers expect about 500 participants and at least that many spectators for the annual Lawrence Memorial Hospital Triathlon.

To accommodate such a crowd and ensure participants are safe, Douglas County commissioners on Monday approved some exceptions to the rules and regulations governing Lone Star Lake, where the event will take place June 28.

The county will close the swimming area and a section of road in front of the marina at noon June 27 until noon June 28 and restrict access to County Route 1-E from 6 a.m. to noon the day of the event.

Commissioners also approved:

  • Swimming outside of the swimming area prior to the event
  • Use of unpermitted boats on the lake
  • Permitting boats in the swimming area
  • Using the marina docks for swimming

The county asked organizers of the triathlon to pay for advertising informing people the lake will be closed to the public that day.

  • Agenda for Wednesday's meeting. Page 6B.

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