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May 7, 1998


The fish that got away from a man casting in the Kansas River last week was replaced by a catch of apparent historical value.

The angler, Kevin Wiley, 33, reeled in what he believes to be an auger dating to the middle of the 1800s.

``I had a fish but it got away and I got this instead,'' he said.

Wiley donated the auger, which appears to be handmade, to the Watkins Community Museum, 1047 Mass.

The auger may have been used for drying grain in an elevator.

``I think it is credible, but I don't have any way of telling you it's X, Y or Z,'' said Steve Jansen, director of the museum.

Jansen said the object needs to be authenticated.

``It would be the kind of thing where we would have to send photographs to the state historical society,'' he said.

Or, he added, people familiar with augers may contact the museum if they can provide more information about the object.

Jansen expressed his gratitude to Riley for the donation.

``We're grateful for patrons looking out for us,'' he said.

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