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May 7, 1998


To the editor:

I have not read your April 13 editorial. I must be a little older than Mr. Bowes because I do not need to read the editorial. I want to remind Mr. Bowes we were not allies with the Russians during the complete time of World War II. Did you read the part in your history book where the Germans and Russians split Poland between them? Many Polish soldiers and citizens were mistreated by the Russians; perhaps there were some Polish-American repatriates among them. Some of our airmen who bombed Japan during World War II were interred by Russians and mistreated. Sure the Russians suffered great losses during World War II. As for the sacrifices, courage of the Russians, they had two choices, fight for their country or become slaves to fascism and Nazism.

Of course, it was during the Korean ``Police Action,'' and even the Vietnam War when the Russians and Chinese mistreated numerous U.S. prisoners of war.

P.S. The Cold War would have been much shorter if our beloved President Truman had not given so much to the Russians in the treaty.

Jack S. Wagley,

239 Mich.

Police commended

To the editor:

I am writing regarding your article, ``Brawl closes Mass Street.'' As a resident of Massachusetts Street, I had a bird's-eye view of the events of last Saturday night. I feel it is necessary for me to express my appreciation for the way the officers of the Lawrence Police Department, the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and the KU Police Department handled the situation.

As an observer, it was clear the situation had the potential of very quickly getting out of hand if the officers had not reacted in as restrained a manner as they did. Rather than resorting to the use of pepper spray or nightsticks, the officers used persuasion to disperse the crowd. I was watching from the time of the initial arrest of the first two people until the crowd was completely dispersed. At no time did I see any officer use force on any member of the crowd who was not being taken into custody.

As a criminal defense lawyer, it is often part of my job to point out to judges and juries the mistakes made by police officers. I also feel it is my obligation to share with the other citizens of Lawrence when the members of our various poilce departments perform their jobs in such a commendable fashion.

Jeffrey A. Moots,

1025 1/2 Mass.

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