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May 7, 1998


A guitarist's strap comes up short.

KJHK's annual Battle of the Bands was a tough competition, with Two Player Option coming out on top and winning the prized Day on the Hill slot. The band performed before thousands Saturday at the annual Kansas University festival.

Although they won, they had stiff competition from all the bands, but Icarus in particular. Who could not love a band whose idols are surely Black Sabbath, Kiss and ... Spinal Tap?

Clad in wigs, furry viking boots and the requisite spandex, the band stunned the crowd. At one point the guitar player broke his strap and tried to substitute a rather short piece of rope in its place, resulting in a guitar slung mostly under his armpit.

Long live rock `n' roll.

One of Lawrence's best-kept secrets is out of the bag: Open mike nights at Kaspar's, 6115 W. Sixth St., are picking up steam.

Singer-songwriters and even classical guitarists have been performing at the bar and grill the first Sunday of every month, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Lawrence singer-songwriter Carol Dressler, who organizes the free event, says they are booked for June, but there is always room for more. Those interested should contact Dressler at 749-7604 or come to the next open mike on June 7.

Free Verse, Lawrence's fabulous femme rockers, are hitting the road. The group is moving to Seattle this month in search of a bigger audience and better coffee.

They will be tearing it up just two more times in Kansas, so catch them while you can. The band's official ``farewell show'' is at 7 p.m. today at Gator's, 4014 S.W. Huntoon, Topeka, with Derailer, Esoteric and Icarus. Free Verse will also perform Tuesday at Jesters, 1105 Mass.

  • Also bidding a fond farewell to River City is poet, musician and artist Josh Bangs. Catch him one more time with Chubby Smith tonight at the Replay Lounge, 946 Mass.

  • More than a band reunion, the Sin City Disciples reunion show on April 30 was a reunion of good friends. The audience was filled with people not only from Lawrence, but also from Texas, Oregon and California who came to see the band who fueled their college years.

The Disciples were in top form and came out for two rousing encores. If anyone tells you a bunch of ladies were dancing onstage to ``Do Ya Got a Garter Belt'' it's just not true ...

There are several tasty shows lined up for this month, including Jello Biafra, who long ago traded in lead vocal duties with punk legends the Dead Kennedys in favor of spoken word.

He'll be telling everyone what's on his mind May 15 at Liberty Hall, 646 Mass.

Liberty Hall will also be holding an incredible event May 16 when legendary Claude ``Fiddler'' Williams headlines the ``Birdland Barbeque Bash.'' The music will be hot, as will the barbeque direct from Kansas City's famous Gates Barbeque.

Chicago's Black Family will be appearing with rockabilly redhead Jeffrey Lee and his Pale Moon Kings May 17 at the Replay Lounge, unfortunately the same evening that The Bottleneck's Swing Set will be holding its spring formal. The New Vintage Band will serenade swingers there.

Saving the best for last: Gas up your car May 26 and head to Kansas City's Grand Emporium where Link Wray, the Ray Ban man with the whammy bar, will be ripping it up. He forged a `50s surf and instrumental sound that people have been trying to replicate for decades. Lawrence's own Ricky Dean will be opening the show.

If one legend in a month isn't enough, there's also rockabilly legend ``Rockin'' Ronnie Dawson at The Bottleneck on May 30.

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