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May 7, 1998


It probably won't be easy, but Republicans should do their best to meet the challenge of conducting a fair and respectful primary campaign.

In announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor Tuesday, David Miller of Eudora said he wanted to engage in ``a civil campaign'' with Gov. Bill Graves that doesn't include personal attacks.

Hopefully, Miller, Graves and any other candidates in the race will adhere to that standard and inspire their supporters to do the same.

The candidates' differences should be easy to discern in this race on the basis of their stands on issues. Character and personal conduct are important, but political sniping and character assassination don't usually add much to the political debate that should dominate campaigns.

A fair, respectful campaign that focuses on issues and the future of the state could benefit both the Kansas Republican Party and the state as a whole. Let's hope Republicans can fill that bill.

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