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May 7, 1998


— Certain things in life are open to personal preference.

Take pizza. It's a personal choice whether one prefers Pizza Hut over Domino's, or Little Caesars' Pizza-Pizza over Godfather's.

Yet, every once in a while, a new establishment enters the foray and gives the big boys some competition. Glory Days Pizza is just such a place.

My wife and I like to visit Glory Days whenever we make a trek to Topeka. The restaurant we visit is at 2811 S.W. Wanamaker St., while a second store sits at 400 S.W. 29th St.

The Wanamaker store is in a strip mall and seats about 30. It's clean and unobtrusive, with the only nod to decorating being those nifty ``Boulevard of Broken Dreams'' paintings featuring Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

What Glory Days saves on looking fancy, they invest in their food. The pizza, whether a simple pepperoni or a ``works'' with a thin wheat crust, is always top of the line. It is hot, tangy, filling and reasonably priced.

You can get here what every other pizza place offers, including veggie, all-meat, taco and combo pizzas. But sometimes it's a matter of preference, and Glory Days' combination of service, price and tasty pies is hard to beat.

The store goes out of its way to provide options for customers: meatball, Steak Grinder and Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwiches; breadsticks; fresh salads. During the lunch-time crunch, Glory Days offers pizza by the slice or in ``meal-deal'' combinations.

Owners George and Kevin Hughes are past recipients of the Best of Topeka award for their Glory Days Pizza, and deservedly so.

If you go to Glory Days expecting decor and atmosphere, you'll be disappointed. What won't disappoint, however, is the good-tasting pizza.

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