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May 2, 1998


To the editor:

Reading last week's Journal-World ``Progress'' edition has changed my life. Up until then I had only thought about becoming actively involved in the struggle to preserve our community and its surrounding open spaces.

It appears that you would like your readership to believe that everyone in the Lawrence area supports and glorifies development. Please do not assume that we all wish to live in the Johnson County-like consumer's paradise that this town is fast becoming.

Because of the chaotic, unmanaged development evidenced by your ``Birdie's Eye View'' of Lawrence, the beautiful open spaces of Douglas County are truly endangered. In fact, the birdies are fast losing habitat. I am not comforted either when I hear that ``nature'' parks or recreational sites are in the works, for I know that they will soon become manicured islands in a sea of sprawl.

Lisa Grossman,

825 Maine.

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