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May 2, 1998


To the editor:

I would like to publicly thank the Lawrence Police Department for allowing me to attend the 10th annual Citizens Police Academy. It was interesting and enlightening and at times quite sobering. I also enjoyed getting to interact with some of my fellow citizens of all ages.

I was impressed by the education, professionalism and dedication of everyone from Chief Olin on down. We are indeed fortunate to have such an outstanding department.

I was distressed by their limited facilities and cramped space. With the growth and changing condition of Lawrence, I feel some thought needs to be given to this. I think it would profit the city commission to tour the building.

I do feel recreational centers are important to the mental health of the community, but so is our safety and protection. Maybe they could be a little less fancy and the money applied elsewhere.

I do recommend this academy to my fellow citizens.

Scottie Lingelbach,

3202 Taylor Dr.

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