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May 1, 1998


``The city's parks and recreation department is responsible for trash pickup in the parks,'' said Tom Wilkerson, assistant director of parks and recreation. ``We try to get to the parks on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, the way the wind has been blowing, the trash from other properties has blown into several of our parks. We will try to get to these areas as quick as possible.''

Can you drive to and from school-related activities on a restricted driver's license? Can you have other children in the car with you if you are not 16?

It is not legal for drivers under 16 to drive to and from school-related activities, said Sheila Walker, public information officer for the Kansas Department of Revenue, which includes the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Drivers under age 16 may not transport non-family members under age 18, she said.

Is there actually a Kansas State Troopers Assn. that calls you on the phone and solicits funds to send nursing home residents and underprivileged children to country music shows or for a fund for troopers who are killed in the line of duty? If not, who can I call to report this?

Yes, the Kansas State Troopers Assn. has a telemarketing agency that makes solicitations for donations for various charity projects, said Steve McKinzie, president of the association.

For more information, call the association at 1-800-550-5782.

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