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May 1, 1998


Meanwhile, the Kansas Film Commission is busy courting at least six other movie projects.

The title of Ang Lee's new movie ``To Live On'' didn't.

``They changed the name to `Ride with the Devil,''' Vicky Henley, director of the Kansas Film Commission.

The movie, which is being shot on location in Kansas and Missouri, is about the Civil War border wars between the two states and culminates in William Quantrill's raid on Lawrence in August 1863. About 150 men and boys were killed.

The film is based on a 1987 novel, ``Woe to Live On,'' by Daniel Woodrell, a West Plains, Mo., writer who lived in Lawrence from 1976 to 1981. The story line follows a 17-year-old German immigrant who ends up on the Confederate side of the war.

Henley said it has been a ``great year'' for the Kansas Film Commission. In addition to ``Ride with the Devil,'' the commission has helped to bring three other movies to the state:

  • ``Monday After the Miracle,'' a TV movie about the college years of Helen Keller, produced by Clareanne Film Productions, is headquartered in Lawrence. It is being shot in the Lawrence, Leavenworth and Topeka areas.
  • ``Jammin,'' a feature film about musicians and songwriters trying to gain recognition at a Kansas City music festival, is the latest project of Fire Storm Productions, based in DeSoto. Film locations include DeSoto, Kansas City, Mo., and Martin City, Mo.
  • ``Tease Me,'' a movie that was to star Courteney Cox of ``Friends'' fame, is tentatively set to film in Kansas. Cox, however, has decided to opt out of the film.

``They are casting for the movie,'' Henley said, adding that finding the right actors might take up to a year.

The Kansas Film Commission also is scouting for six other movie projects.''

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