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March 29, 1998


To the editor:

This is in response to the letter sent in by Mr. Don Marquis in response to the March 12 Journal-World story concerning an effort in the Kansas House to pass a resolution forcing the attorney general ``to file a lawsuit challenging Kansas abortion law and assert that life begins at conception.''

Mr. Marquis states that a person ``must exhibit such characteristics as the capacity to reason, the capacity to communicate in reasonably complex ways and (have) a concept of self.'' He goes on to say: ``There is no reason to think that fetuses are people and rather good reasons to think they are not.''

What Mr. Marquis is essentially saying here is that if one does not possess the above-mentioned ``characteristics of personhood,'' one does not have the unalienable right to live. Not only that, but someone who does possess these ``characteristics'' has the right to decide if a ``non-person'' should live or die.

Well, OK, then, I suppose all children under the age of four pretty much fall into this category. Oh, and let's not forget the mentally and physically handicapped or the emotionally unstable. And while we're at it, how about all those old people in nursing homes? Hey, why don't we, as a nation, renounce our democracy and become neo-Nazi communists? Sounds far-fetched?

Well, guess what? When we agree with mind-frames such as those of Mr. Marquis here, we all become ``disciples of Hitler,'' Why don't we start addressing the real problems of our country that has made mentalities such as these and the murder of more than 38 million unborn babies acceptable standards of Americanism? We live in a society that not only advocates but justifies the murder of unborn healthy babies at any stage of their development for any reason. Being the ``recycling generation'' that we are, we also reuse their dead bodies in fetal tissue transplantation research.

America needs to wake up and stop forming their opinions from other people. We should research the facts on our own so that we can make informed choices. Let's stop taking the easy way out and start taking responsibility for our actions. Just because it's the law doesn't mean it's right!

Sharon M. Hayes,

2714 Maverick Lane.

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