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March 26, 1998


To the editor:

On March 3, the Journal-World ran Mark Fagan's article under the headline ``Pushing the limits: Developers, city officials envision expansion to northwest.'' The headline should have stated ``Welcome to the Sixth Street buffet: Developers only need apply.''

A subsequent article by Mark Shields (``Legislation holding up possible area lake resorts,'' J-W March 12) reinforces the notion that the Journal-World or at least local developers and public servants it selects for interviews, endorse widespread development along the western boundaries of Lawrence. But these articles suggest another message as well: The wishes of the people of Lawrence and Douglas County do not matter in the scramble for profit.

Three points, in particular, are worth mentioning.

First, according to Fagan's article, at least some, if not many, of the developers lining up to transform the Sixth Street/Highway 40 corridor do not live in the area. In other words, this development will bring its greatest value to people who live outside of Douglas County, not to the taxpayers and residents whose real estate taxes will no doubt increase as we continue to subsidize this development.

Second, the plans for the Sixth Street/Highway 40 corridor call for extensive commercial zoning. Whatever the merits of creating another useless mall in eastern Kansas, we would have thought at least that the Journal-World would have wondered about the impact of such development on downtown merchants. Since economic vitality of the downtown merchants plays a decisive role in the local economy, building malls on the periphery of the city threatens the livelihood and quality of life of countless city and county residents.

Third, why are taxpayers putting up $6 million to pay for the widening of Sixth Street/Highway 40 between Wakarusa and the South Lawrence Trafficway? We ride that stretch of road every day and it does not need to be widened at this time. Who will this road benefit? According to the Journal-World, out-of-town developers who want to build malls. That does not seem a very wise decision by city and county officials entrusted with the sacred responsibility of spending our tax dollars.

Perhaps the elected officials in the city and county should begin to pay attention to the needs of the people they represent instead of the commercial fantasies of outsiders.

Peter Mancall,

Lisa Bitel,

847 N. 1710 Rd.

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