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March 26, 1998


These poem sketches were inspired by word groups, which students incorporated in the poems. They were written by students in Joy Clumsky's Creative Writing class at Lawrence High School.


As a wolf,

I race the wind

With the moon always

In my eye.

The night air

Is chilled, like steel.

As a dragonfly,

I ride the wings of the wind,

Through the tall oaks

Of the forest.

The cool breeze

Lifts my sleek body,

But, as a man,

I trail behind the wind,

And sing songs of praise

To the wolf and the dragonfly.

-- Josh Shirar


I'm no dog.

No dog am I.

To spit at,

Sneer at,

Or kick out the door.

Don't judge me,

Mock me,

Ride my every word,

Because you don't know me

Nor do you try.

My life is a montage,

But you wouldn't know.

You're too blind to see anything.

You're not God.

So, step off, son.

It's your turn to burn.

Stand there



Teasing those that differ,

Just living your life

With one foot in the grave.

-- Jeremy Winfery


With peculiar savagery

Does my embittered heart beat.

Must I atone him

When he no longer

Do I admire?

Must I take his hand,

Guide him through this oasis of Sorrow?

Must I share this felling of freedom,

This sudden opulence of hope

I have only begun to enjoy?

I cannot share

His ardor for love refound.

I cannot identify

With his admiration for fire.

Where once love lingered in my heart

Do only ashes remain.

I am not in love.

-- Katie Marden


There you stood,

With such illustrious honor,

Instilling trembling marvel

From majesties to mice.

To many with dreams,

You were an angel in black,

A refuge bringing hope

To those seeking.

Fear you instilled

In a dark-clad disguise,

Yet, you were as vulnerable as a sparrow

Absent of a mother's protection.

There they ascended

With such blind confidence,

Putting immovable faith

In manmade vessels.

What shame you must suffer.

That night can you ever let go?

Can you sleep in your shelter

Of water bleak, and unrelenting?

That ice must have felt

Like a double-edged sword

As you disappeared

In the darkness of sea.

Could you hear their cries,

Their pleas for mercy?

You could not deliver,

Could not save.

-- Alicia Adkins

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