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March 26, 1998


To the editor:

Once again, Tim Carpenter is out to disparage someone or something. That seems to be what he thinks is ``investigative'' reporting. He's on a drive (with Ann Landers) to get everybody past the age of 60 out of their automobile driver's seats.

Granted, many should be, BUT people age at different rates and not everyone over 60 has Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia, nor are they so stupid that they ignore their limitations.

Carpenter concentrates on the incompetent individuals, not the many competent ones. He cites the excellent research by Dr. Dubinsky. I'm surprised, however, that he actually quoted Dubinsky as saying, ``There are normal, elderly people out there who drive as well at 90 as they were at 50.'' (Statistics mine).

Overall statistics on drivers and accidents show (look `em up) that the more dangerous drivers are the 15-25 year-olds. Next are the 25-35 ones.

It is a matter of freedom in Lawrence where there is no good, public transportation system that will accommodate oldsters. They have to drive or be ``imprisoned'' in their houses or apartments.

Get off of it, Tim (and Ann)

Eugene C. Bovee,

808 Miss.

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