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March 26, 1998


A five-band show Friday night will raise funds for a Lawrence musician.

I always miss all the fun. Friends headed into Kansas City, Mo., Saturday to witness the speed punk of Seattle's Zeke, who were appearing with Lawrence's baddest of the bad boys, Cocknoose, at Davey's Uptown.

Cocknoose had been permanently banned form Davey's and performed under the assumed name of Freebird Fantasia. ``A rose by any other name ... ''

Apparently no less than four fights broke out during their set, so it may be a while before they play Kansas City again. The event made such an impression on Zeke that they canned their scheduled Lawrence performance on Monday.

A similar melee was quickly squashed at the Replay Lounge March 18 during the Donnas and the Groovie Ghoulies show.

A few ready fellows ejected the troublemakers who were soon hauled away by the police. A full house of peace-loving rock fans stayed and had a blast watching the teen-age Donnas rock out, followed by the Groovie Ghoulies.

The Ghoulies tried to entice the teen-age girl group back to the ``stage'' for a superjam of an AC/DC song, but they were busy signing autographs and fending off fans.

While I did miss Zeke in Kansas City, Lawrence had more than enough to offer music fans Saturday night. Besides the northbound shiny lowriders cruising past the southbound monster trucks on Mass. Street, there were shows and parties everywhere.

One block alone, the 900 block of Mass., offered at least three live music venues, the popular Coco-Loco dance night and even a party for a new recording studio, Z'gwanth.

There was smooth jazz coming from Milton's while The Jazzhaus featured The Other Woman, a group of five Kansas City women with exceptional voices who sing and dance much like En Vogue. They preach a positive message of self-confidence, but weren't afraid to get down and heat up the place.

Down the street, Priapus Records, one of Lawrence's most prolific labels, celebrated its birthday with a showcase at the Replay Lounge. Several bands performed, including Sunbarrow, who are set to release a full-length CD sometime next month, and Hopewell, who mix a sweet organ, a distorted guitar and a powerhouse drummer for a truly original sound.

There were still more shows a mere block or two in either direction, and it was a great sight to see people of all ages out enjoying the night. Come to think of it, maybe they were just waiting for the unrelenting traffic to ease up so they could drive their cars homes.

Five of Lawrence's finest bands will be playing Saturday at The Bottleneck, 737 N.H., to benefit fellow musician Randy Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald incurred some major hospital bills after he was randomly attacked downtown several months ago.

The line-up for the evening is star-studded with appearances from the Brannock Device, Kill Creek, the Glitterkicks, the What Gives and Danger Bob. Come out and hear some good music and support a great musician and friend.

Musicians also will be gathering on Wednesday at Liberty Hall to celebrate KAW Community Radio's first birthday. Al Trout and his happy ukulele will be joined by the Hefners, the Teriyakis, Danger Bob, Planetarium and Sunbarrow.

Kansas City's truest punks, Cher U.K. play The Bottleneck Friday, along with TV Fifty and Sufferbus. Expect them to be in fine form after their recent South By Southwest performances.

Hi-Jinx, 1117 Mass., is featuring California's self-described ``scariest band in the world,'' Deadbolt, on Saturday. The band plays Link Wray-inspired tunes, while shouting phrases and insults. They have been known to whip out rubber snakes and even take a circular saw blade to a metal pipe, creating an exceptional display of sparks (and it's a great way to make fans back off.)

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