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March 17, 1998


A dust palliative program is being offered once again by the county to help reduce the amount of dust coming off gravel roads.

Douglas County residents who don't want to endure dusty roads this summer can reduce the problem through a county program that offers help.

So far, every township except Wakarusa has agreed to participate in the dust palliative program, which applies a layer of liquid calcium or magnesium chloride to rock roads in front of county homes to reduce dust.

The cooperation of the township boards is necessary, said the county's director of Public Works, Frank Hempen, because the townships are responsible for the maintenance of the roads.

``The townships have to agree to do this and prepare the roads,'' he told county commissioners, who voted Monday to offer the service for another year. ``They have to make sure the road grade is accurate and maintain the roads.''

Last year, each of the nine county townships participated in the program, and 72 residents used it. Of those, 21 were from Wakarusa Township.

``Unless the township buys into the program, they can go in there and tear it up,'' Hempen said.

Wakarusa Township was the last to sign up for the program last year, Hempen said.

The cost of the material, labor and equipment use will be approximately $0.40 per linear foot of roadway. A $35 administration fee will also be charged per location.

The effectiveness of the dust-reduction coating depends on several things, including the road maintenance. Applications can be expected to last for about a year if properly maintained, although neither the county nor townships offer a warranty on the one-time coating.

Residents in the participating townships who would like to purchase an application can contact the county Public Works Department, 1242 Mass., prior to 5 p.m. April 3. Payment must be made before the coating is applied.

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