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March 13, 1998


Resolution was the hot topic as parents kept their cool on the subject of boundary changes at the final hearing Thursday at Centennial Junior High School, 1400 Mass.

Several acknowledged that the issue of overcrowding has overshadowed under-enrollment in schools with declining populations.

Centennial Site Council parent Joy Simpson said the problems with current boundaries affect everyone.

Centennial's declining population had led to the combining of grades and the loss of a full-time librarian. The school has a half-time librarian but would regain a full-time employee if enrollment increases.

West side parents said that while they sympathized with declining enrollments in other areas, they don't want their children displaced from schools within walking distance of their homes.

``Two things we hear from the administration are `consistency' and `stability','' Sunflower parent Tamara Cabra said. ``But when it comes to the administration they don't stick with them.''

Cabra, whose two sons could be moved to Centennial, said she is frustrated by the hearing process.

``I feel like their mind's already made up and they're trying to pacify us so they can say they've had their meetings,'' she said.

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