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March 6, 1998


Richard Jarrett Jr. will spend two years in a supervised probation program for his participation in a fight in September.

The mother of a partially paralyzed teen-ager who was stabbed multiple times last September made an emotional plea Thursday afternoon, asking a judge to sentence a man involved in the gang-related incident to prison.

Instead, Richard Jarrett Jr., 23, was sentenced to two years probation by District Court Judge Michael Malone, who said he was frustrated that sentencing guidelines bound him to the decision.

Kathy Weber's son, Dan Weber, 16, was stabbed several times, including once in the spine during the Sept. 7 attack that sent two other teen-agers to the hospital. Weber now walks with a limp, has no feeling in his right hand, and his condition continues to get worse, his mother said during Jarrett's sentencing on Thursday.

Jarrett was sentenced for aiding and abetting aggravated battery. Although Jarrett and Weber didn't know each other at the time, Kathy Weber said Jarrett helped beat her son after he was stabbed by another person.

``Why he would participate in beating him is beyond our understanding,'' she said. ``We today have a grievance with Mr. Jarrett, and as hard as this is for us, we do want him to go to prison.''

Kathy Weber said three or four people, including Jarrett, were kicking her son after he was stabbed. She said they only stopped after a friend pleaded with the group.

Before imposing the probation, Malone explained that he had to consider guidelines relating to the charge, which doesn't mandate a prison term. He placed numerous requirements as conditions of Jarrett's probation: 200 hours of community service, no contact with any of the witnesses or eight other suspects in the case, that he maintain a job and undergo random drug and alcohol tests.

Malone warned Jarrett that breaking any conditions of the probation agreement could lead to an 18-month prison term.

Another defendant in the case, James Vick, pleaded no contest to aiding and abetting aggravated battery on Thursday. He will be sentenced April 16. If a pre-sentence investigation confirms that he has no criminal history, it's likely he will be sentenced to two years probation.

Here is the status of others involved in the stabbing incident:

  • Alan Rector, who turned 18 in December, is scheduled to face three counts of attempted second-degree murder on June 1.
  • Jason Freeman, 18, has been charged with four counts of aiding and abetting aggravated battery and is scheduled to make a plea on April 9.
  • Michael Blanck, 18, was sentenced to 24 months probation in February for one count of aiding and abetting aggravated battery.
  • A jury trial has been scheduled for May 11 for Skyland Love, 19, for four counts of aiding and abetting aggravated battery.
  • Zach Turner, 17, has been sentenced to probation for battery and unlawful assembly, and his participation in the community corrections program will be reviewed in May.
  • Sarah Gottlieb and Anna Kimbrell, who were 16 when the fight occurred, are awaiting juvenile trials on aiding and abetting aggravated battery.

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