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June 25, 1998


These poems were inspired by the student-writers' response to a work of art. The writers were challenged to select a work of art that ``spoke'' to them on an imaginative/emotional level and to interpret that art via free-verse or rhymed poetry. These poems demonstrate how creativity in one form may generate creativity in another form and that springboards to the imagination are everywhere and are ours for the taking. They were written by students in Joy Clumsky's creative writing class at Lawrence High School.


Moonlight drifted through

Stone-silled windows

As an ancient sage sat quietly

At his great wooden desk.

Candlelight shone

On the sketch of a bird

With wooden bones

And iron lace.

Yellowed paper

And black ink did glorify

The drawing of The Great Bird.

Visions from the future

He did see,

And anticipated what

Would come to be.

-- Curtis Zimmerman, inspired by ``Design for a Flying Machine'' by Leonardo DaVinci.

``Victory of the Sun''

I am Sol.

My soul is free,

Even in death.

Undefeated, I embrace

The starry Lion

To crush you, scorpion.

You thought I

Could only be a Virgo.

You didn't expect the supernova

From your lovely votive,

Your satellite.

I have risen, Phoenician,

From your gloom,

Only to be consumed

By my own fire,

But I die singing,

Haloed in a corona of screaming flames,

And the stars will wonder

At their new sister.

Cringing worm,

Slink back to your pits.

You never could face me as Achilles.

Mine is the shorter helix.

Mine is the victory,

For better it is

To glory for a moment

In skyfire like Icarus,

Than forever to fester

In the embalming cesspools

Of your eyes.

-- Marissa C. Pelot, inspired by ``Phaethon'' by Gustave Moreau.


The beauty below

Reflects not the soul of the bruised adolescent

As she sits

Against the arc-shaped frame

Of the fourth-story window.

In life's rose garden,

Her wilting life waits, solitary

For fulfillment.

Hidden among damaged, brunette twists,

Her lightless eyes

Vaguely reveal frustration

As she stares blankly

At the sunshine beyond.

Smudges show

In her paint-like makeup

On an otherwise peaceful profile.

Inward her face is drawn

By thunderous footsteps,

And a tear of hate spills down her silhouette.

Struggling to stand,

She knocks a layer of chipped, black paint

Onto the crowded street below.

Her dirty hair blows slightly in the wind

As she steps from the ledge,

Leaving an empty room

And an empty heart


-- Casie Akerberg, inspired by ``Portrait of J.R. with Roses'' by Pablo Picasso.


The leaping flames,

In their complete, consuming lust for life,

Their unchecked fervor for fury,

Surround me,

Besiege each new breath of mine

As it emerges from my tight throat.

Long do I to withdraw

From this burning, blazing hell,

This intoxicating inferno of rage,

But there is no escape.

Upon my weeping face

Does a luminous, rousing light glow,

And blindly toward it

Do I lurch,

Hoping to find an answer

In its enrapturing welcome.

As I enter its beckoning womb,

Into yet another conflagrant cage of fire

Does it mutate.

It laughs haughtily

at my naivety,

And I am consumed.

-- Katie Marden, inspired by ``Coalbrookdale by Night'' by De Loutherbourg.

``Government Bureau''

Hide your face,

You cowardly fiends.

How haunting be

This Orwellian scene.

I've come to pay

These unjust bills,

Dost they feed

Thy war pigs' wills?

My back be broke

And feet be swollen.

Where is my pay

For it be stolen?

-- Jeremy Winfrey, inspired by ``Government Bureau'' by George Tooker.

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