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June 24, 1998


To the editor:

My husband and I are saddened that our children, ages 6 and 9, are caught in the middle of a bond issue fight. Their elementary education will be disrupted whether the electorate says yea or nay in November. Nevertheless, we support the bond issue.

Our children, like the 80 students currently attending Grant School, will be shifted from one school to another if the bond issue passes. Unlike the kids attending Grant, who will merge into an existing building but retain key staff (principal, specials teachers) not to mention classmates, my kids will live in limbo for a couple of years while a new school west of Wakarusa is built. Will the board reopen boundary discussions and shift our neighborhood to Deerfield or Sunflower or Centennial -- just temporarily of course -- until the new school opens?

There is no room at the inn at Quail Run, our current school. The district already predicts Quail Run opening in August at over 600 kids, so many that Principal Linda Herbel has had to arrange for yet another portable classroom. Meanwhile, building permits are issued, houses built, and our neighborhood grows and grows some more.

If the voting public ``teaches the board a lesson'' about combining new schools with a school closure, to what school will our children be bused, and how far away? Six of the district's 18 elementary schools came under discussion as possible solutions at the November through March meetings of the boundary committee.

Our home is half a mile from Quail Run. We've built relationships there. My kids will leave behind friends. They will no longer be within easy walking distance of their school; the property the district proposed to build on is much farther away from our home than Quail Run is. They'll attend maybe three elementary schools in seven years. But I'll vote yes. Educating the children in our changing community comes at a cost, fiscal and otherwise. To my mind, this bond issue is long overdue.

Becket Warren,

1000 Colonial Circle.

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