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June 18, 1998


There are several possible solutions, some more drastic than others. For instance, a cat would probably shy away from a German shepherd. There are also pet repellents available at garden centers and pet stores, but they don't work on all animals, said Ann Peuser, owner of Clinton Parkway Nursery and Garden Store. ``It's just like people, some cats might think it's nasty, but it might not bother others. It depends on the individual animal,'' Peuser said. A gardening trick using chicken wire mesh generally keeps all four-footed mammals out of flower beds and gardens: Cut strips of the mesh and place it throughout the beds. Cats hate walking on the wires, Peuser said.

When is the annual downtown sidewalk sale?

Thousands of residents from throughout the area hit the streets -- and sidewalks -- of Lawrence the third Thursday of July. This year the 27th annual sale will be on July 16. The sale officially begins at 7 a.m., but some stores open earlier. Many of the stores stay open until dusk. The sale is sponsored by Downtown Lawrence Inc.

Why were the decorations removed from graves at Maple Grove Cemetery so early this year, including artificial decorations? We've never seen it done so soon after Memorial Day before.

According to the cemetery's rules and regulations, all flowers except those in vases or on markers are removed one week after Memorial Day due to mowing, cutting and other maintenance needs. All winter decorations are picked up after March 1.

``We only pick up twice a year,'' said cemetery supervisor Mitch Young.

People who want decorations up longer can take them down themselves after Memorial Day and then put them back up after workers have removed others in the cemetery. They will then stay up until workers remove winter decorations after March 1.

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