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June 18, 1998


An employee at a southeast Lawrence auto body shop unwittingly summoned firefighters early Wednesday by spinning his tires until the building filled with smoke.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical crews arrived at Automotive Precision, 1209 E. 23rd, at 12:38 a.m., and broke through a door because the building was locked. They also broke six window panes to let some of the billowing smoke out of the building.

They found no fire, but during a search, the fire crews located an employee of the business hiding on the top shelf in a parts storage room.

The unidentified employee said he was spinning his tires in the building, in what is known as a ``power burn.'' The friction overheated the tires, filling the body shop with thick smoke. The employee then drove the car outside, hosed off the tires and hid when the fire trucks arrived.

No charges were filed, said Fire Battalion Chief Jerry Karr. Instead, the owner of the business was contacted.

``It was an unusual call,'' Karr said. `` ... The employee was inside hiding. He said he just got a little wild.''

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