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June 17, 1998


Will Squires Babbit, 19, Baldwin, and Becky Jean Grey, 18, Lawrence.

Shanan Brewer, 26, Lawrence, and Clint Lee, age unavailable, Lawrence.

John L. Bodle, 41, Lawrence, and Maureen M. Carroll, 37, Lawrence.

Sheng Hao Hung, 28, Lawrence, and Shu Chen Psai, 27, Lawrence.

Ryan B. Wurtz, 23, Lawrence, and Adrienne L. Landis, 22, Lawrence.

Joshua K. Watkins, 22, Whiting, and Ericka R. Henry, 25, Fairview.

Christopher Ryan Smith, 20, Lawrence, and Jennifer Fredrickson, 20, Lawrence.

Marlon Wesley, age unavailable, Lawrence, and Christine Bolster, 26, Lawrence.

Regev N. Alon, 27, Lawrence, and Anne M. Dade, 24, Lawrence.

Jennifer Vaughan, 26, Sacramento, Calif., and Jeffery Crocker, 29, Sacramento, Calif.

Angela K. Hall, 23, Lawrence, and Timothy A. Smith, 24, Lawrence.

Alex R. Hamilton, 30, Lawrence, and Sheri A. Dick, 27, Lawrence.

Jeffery Thomas Foster, 27, Ozawkie, and Carly Jean Hayden, 23, Ozawkie.

Michael J. Nelson, 23, Shawnee, and Christina M. Orzulak, 22, Lawrence.

Adam J. Godderz, 24, Lawrence, and Margaret C. Strayer, 23, Lawrence.

Ronald K. Johnson, 49, Lawrence, and Susan Cunningham, 52, Lawrence.

Jeffery Collier, 22, Votaw, Tex., and Lisa Wissler, 18, Lawrence.

Paul M. Greer, 28, Lawrence, and Jodi G. Ray, 23, Lawrence.

Christopher G. Thomas, 31, Baldwin, and Cindi Rieman, 32, Baldwin.

Christina M. Waldron, 25, Lawrence, and Michael S. Gregory, 23, Lawrence.

Kieran J. McLaughlin, 34, Lawrence, and Dawn E. Medforth, 29, Lawrence.

George D. Childs, 34, Eudora, and Loretta A. Cole, 27, Eudora.

Kam A. Koch, 22, Lawrence, and Matthew Stuber, 26, Lawrence.

James F. Christian, 54, Lawrence, and Tina A. Fisher, 38, Lawrence.

Michael A. Patterson, 25, Lawrence, and Susan L. Kinnersley, 25, Lawrence.

Dale A. Halderman, 25, Lawrence, and Chunda M. Long, 25, Lawrence.

Earl K. Birch, 20, Lawrence, and Karen Burns, 22, Lawrence.

Daniel Carl Hammerand, 27, Blacksburg, Va., Stacie Tsveko Kawaguchi, 26, Lawrence.

Richard Brack, 38, Lawrence, and Josephine Vollberg, 33, Lawrence.

Jason Jon Coen, 26, Lawrence, and Melanie A. Boles, 23, Leawood.

Patrick Joseph Cox, 25, Lawrence, and Christina Marie McCall, 26, Lawrence.

James B. Greenwood, 39, Lawrence, and Lisa D. Embrey, 28, Olathe.

Jennifer Sue William, 21, Lawrence, and Bradley J. Courtney, 24, Oskaloosa.

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