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June 8, 1998


To the editor:

On Saturday, May 30, the Journal-World ran yet another article on the proposed widening of Sixth Street/Highway 40 along the stretch of road from Wakarusa to the South Lawrence Trafficway. On June 2, the Journal-World ran a related story describing the roads that the current Douglas County commissioners hoped to build or expand with funds to come from the state. Each of these articles noted that the proposed expansion of Sixth Street/Highway 40 will cost local taxpayers at least $4.6 million (of the estimated total cost of $6.6 million).

As a taxpayer who has written before to suggest that this expansion is an unwise use of our money, let me add that the new plan for the road adds insult to injury. If the road is designed according to the proposed plan, county residents who rely on that road can count on a substantially slower commute into town, our way impeded by a lower speed limit and a series of traffic lights. The anticipated development of, as your article of May 30 put it, ``hundreds of homes, apartments, offices and retail shops'' will, in combination with the changes to the road and the increased congestion, have one sure result: downtown merchants will lose business from people in the county (and those living to the west). It is in all of our best interests to oppose the use of taxpayers' hard-earned money for a project that poses a threat to the economic vitality of our historic downtown.

Peter C. Mancall,

847 N. 1710 Rd.

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