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July 31, 1998


An All Saints Day Pilgrimage will be taken to Washington National Cathedral Oct. 31-Nov. 3. On Nov. 1 the pilgrimage will include the Sunday morning service with reserved seating in the Cathedral, followed by a tour of the Cathedral's needlepoint collection (kneelers and wall hangings), followed by the annual U.S. Marine Corps anniversary service. The Marine Band, which played at both the Cathedral's cornerstone laying in 1907 and its completion in 1990, will perform during this service with the Cathedral organ. A Prayer Pilgrimage through the building and on its grounds will be Nov. 2, led by the Rev. Frederick W. Schmidt, canon educator. Other features of this pilgrimage trip will include a play at Ford's Theatre and entrance to the National Gallery of Art's special exhibit ``Van Gogh's Van Goghs.''

Washington National Cathedral, although Anglican, is a national house of prayer for people of all faiths and beliefs. This pilgrimage tour is open to all. For information, contact Allen or Sandra Wiechert, National Cathedral Assn. co-chairs for Kansas and West Missouri, 842-5467, or Stacie Menze, 842-4000.

Jesus Seminar

heads to Kansas City

The Jesus Seminar on the Road is coming to Kansas City May 14-15, 1999. The seminar will offer a three session presentation on theological topics of current interest. The seminar is nondenominational and, therefore, financially and theologically independent of any denomination. For more information, contact Robert J. McElwain at (913) 381-8401 or (800) 413-8459.

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