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July 30, 1998


Split Lip Rayfield starts its 30-day tour this week, kicking it off Friday night at Hi-Jinx, 1117 Mass. The band will then be heading west and will perform at the North by Northwest Music Festival in Portland, Ore.

Bassist Jeff Eaton says the mega tour should be fun.

``I'll be like a hippie in a van,'' he said. ``It's just what I always wanted to do.''

Eaton had been worried about whether the ``Stitchgiver,'' his bass guitar constructed from a gas tank, wood and weed-eater cord, would survive the trek and decided to give it an overhaul.

``It had cracks in the tank and I took it to a guy who welds it for me,'' he said. ``And I had a new piece of wood inlaid into the neck because there was a rut from the string whappin' up against it. It was getting kind of rickety and I was a little worried it wouldn't make it through.''

The Gadjits are on tour with labelmates Hepcat and will be playing Warped Tour dates in Texas and Florida.

Gina Phillips, the mother of band mate-brothers Adam, 16, Zach, 17, and Brandon Phillips, 22, says she sometimes worries about the kids while they're on the road, but not too much.

``I'm their mother, it's my job description,'' she said. ``But I also trust them. They're good drivers and they're smart kids. I don't think they would do anything stupid out on the road, and they check in every time they get into a new city. There's no real worries, just the maternal thing going on here.''

The Gadjits will return home in late August. Their record, ``At Ease,'' is on Hellcat Records, which is a subsidiary of Epitaph Records, and is owned by Rancid's Tim Armstrong.

Anne Tangeman will present her photography tonight at The Bourgeois Pig, 6 E. Ninth. The reception is from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The display, called ``Music Seen,'' consists of more than 20 rock `n' roll photographs, most of which were shot locally during the past two years. The show runs through Aug. 21.

Tangeman says one of her big influences is Godlis, a New York punk scene photographer from the late 1970s. She describes most of her subjects as ``national underground touring acts,'' and is fascinated by the dynamic energy created by their live shows.

``I just like capturing the moment when the musicians or audiences are really getting into it,'' she said.

Led Zeppelin 5, a Led Zeppelin cover band comprised of Be-Non guitarist-singer Brodie Rush, Panel Donor drummer Kliph Scurlock, ex-Scroat Belly guitarist-singer Wayne Gottstein and Two Ton Stellatron bassist John Huff will be doing their thing Wednesday night at The Granada, 1020 Mass.

Grimm's Tattoo artist Ugly Bill will be spinning Led Zeppelin on the turntables as pre-show entertainment.

According to Scurlock, Led Zeppelin 5 hopes to play at least 3 1/2 hours of Led Zeppelin cover tunes.

``We'll play until someone at the bar tells us we absolutely have to stop,'' he said. ``It's going to be all Zeppelin all night long, baby.''

Sunbarrow's self-titled debut CD on Priapus Records is the reason behind a release party Aug. 13 at The Bottleneck, 737 N.H. The party will include performances by Sunbarrow and Planetarium.

Priapus also will be releasing a six-song EP from New York's Hopewell. The EP, ``Purple Balloon,'' contains one song from Hopewell's album, ``Contact,'' on Burnt Hair Records and five songs unavailable elsewhere.

The Suga Daddies will be releasing its self-titled eight-song CD Aug. 15 at The Bottleneck. The nine-member band, which has been together for almost two years, will be putting on an 18-and-over show with a yet-to-be-determined opening act.

Bassist Derek Swensen describes the band's music as ``R&B; and soul and funk all in one.''

``We get up, we jam, we groove and we get people movin' around,'' he said.

-- James Grau is the music writer for The Mag.

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