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July 29, 1998


— David Miller prepares for a last week of campaigning before the August primary.

David Miller wanted to wind up the last week of campaigning at home, where he started it.

The candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination held a rally Tuesday night in his hometown of Eudora.

``There's a lot of people I want to say `Hi' to,'' he said, walking around the crowd of more than 40 people, shaking hands. At the hour and a half rally, he spent more time talking to people than addressing the crowd.

Miller, though not favored to win in the polls, has a positive outlook for the primary election on Tuesday.

The candidate said he was more optimistic now than when he started his bid for governor.

``I have a great time,'' Miller said. ``I'm very optimistic. ... I sense a very favorable and popular response from people around the state. I think my message is finally getting through.

``The media keeps saying we don't have a prayer,'' he said, ``but we've asked a lot of people to pray for us.''

At home in Eudora, Miller's supporters are optimistic, too.

``I'm praying for him every night,'' Doris Oelschlaeger said.

Her husband, Paul, said that he doesn't believe the polls that put Gov. Bill Graves on top. Polls and experts said the Republicans couldn't get a majority in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in 1994, either.

``That's what they're saying this time, but I don't believe them,'' he said. Kansans will vote for Miller because ``they're tired of spending all that money.''

Miller told the crowd he has tried to talk about issues during the campaign.

``I think people want to vote for or against politicians based on what they believe in,'' he said.

His mother, Ruth Miller, said he has support in Eudora.

``A lot of people have said if they were betting people, they'd bet on David,'' she said. ``Everybody wants signs.''

Miller and Graves have three more debates before the primary. The debates will be Thursday on channel 49 in Topeka; Friday in Wichita for most Kansas PBS stations, including channel 11 in Lawrence; and Sunday on PBS channel 19 in Kansas City, channel 7 on Sunflower Cablevision.

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