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July 29, 1998


Kansas junior Nick Bradford was guest speaker at Roy Williams' basketball camp on Monday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Lifting weights and taking jump shots.

Taking jumpers and lifting weights.

That, by and large, is what Nick Bradford has been doing during the Summer of 1998.

``I like the offseason because I can work on my game. That's what I've been doing -- working on my weaknesses,'' said Bradford, guest speaker at Roy Williams' basketball camp on Monday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Bradford, Kansas' junior guard-forward from Fayetteville, Ark., stands 6-foot-6 and weighs 196 pounds, up 21 pounds from the start of last season.

``It's not in my legs, it's mostly in my shoulders,'' Bradford said of the added bulk. ``Actually my legs have gotten stronger, they just haven't gotten bigger. You see it more in my shoulders. I need to increase my strength for rebounding. Guarding the three-man, I need to get stronger. I've been working on that every day in the weight room.''

As far as his shooting ... Bradford, a career 43.5 percent marksman, realizes somebody has to pick up the slack for Raef LaFrentz, Paul Pierce and Billy Thomas, who have departed.

They accounted for 64.4 percent of KU's scoring last year.

``A lot of people think I haven't shot the ball well since I've been here,'' Bradford said. Last year, he hit 45.3 percent of his shots and 60.4 percent of his free throws, up from his rookie totals of 40.2 percent shooting and 36.0 percent from the line.

``When people scout us, they're going to say, `He can't knock down his shot.' I'll try to kill `em with that.''

Bradford especially hopes to improve on his three-point percentage. He hit two of 15 threes last year and three of 22 as a freshman. That calculates to five of 37 threes through two seasons, good for 13.5 percent.

``I'm taking 300 to 400 jump shots and probably 150 free throws a day,'' Bradford said of his summer workout schedule. ``I'm also working on my ball-handling, but it's important I'm able to step up and hit my shot. I've definitely made a commitment to working on my shooting.''

Bradford is also working on his speaking. He fielded several questions from the campers Monday:

Q-Why do you wear your socks high?

A-My brother passed away when I was in high school and I wore my socks up for him. I'm not sure if I'll continue it this season.''

Q-Do you wear your socks high because you are superstitious?

A-No. A lot of the guys are superstitious, but I am not at all. Ryan Robertson is pretty superstitious.''

Q-What do you think of Kentucky being added to the schedule?

A-We play Kentucky in the Great Eight. They're the national champions. It's a great game. Everybody is excited about it. I would like to play all the teams in the top five. We like to play the best teams out there.''

Q-Who is the toughest player you've guarded?

A-Paul Pierce. I may be prejudiced because he was my teammate, but I went against him every day. He's the best. He was so good inside, so strong and he could handle the ball.''

Q-What do you do on the day of a home game?

A-I sleep before the game. An hour before, I come in and listen to music. It relaxes me. Rap, R&B;, anything. If it sounds good, I like it.''

Q-How will the team do this year?

A-A lot of people will underestimate us. I think we'll be very good. We'll be a tight unit. It's a team that will be able to go far.''

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