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July 5, 1998


* Approve licenses recommended by the Department of Administrative Services, as conditioned.

  • Approve appointments recommended by Mayor Marty Kennedy: Mike Urban, Dave Engstrom and Mark Grinstead to the city's Electrical Board; and Matt Taylor to the Lawrence Humane Society's board.
  • Agree to buy a a container delivery truck, for $47,548, from Roy Conley & Co.
  • Agree to buy a vehicle exhaust-removal system, for $24,750, from Smokeater of Mid-America. The system would be used by Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical.
  • Agree to hire Quality Tow Service to handle vehicle towing services for the police department. Rates: $25 per tow for regular vehicles and $75 per tow for 12-meter trucks.
  • Agree to buy two slide gates, for $11,668, from H&E; Engineered Equipment Co. The gates would be for the Utilities Department.
  • Agree to hire Scotch Fabric Care, for $42,088, to handle uniform cleaning for the police department.
  • Agree to buy 22.5 tons of polymer water treatment chemicals, for $24,750, from Nalco Chemical Co., to be used at the Clinton Water Treatment Plant.
  • Agree to hire General Construction, for $14,960, to handle a comprehensive housing rehabilitation project at 809 Ark.
  • Set a 2 p.m. July 18 deadline for bids for handling comprehensive rehabilitation projects at 1217 Prospect, 2115 Tenn., 1116 Hilltop, 2525 Bell Haven and 944 Rockledge.
  • Set a 2 p.m. July 21 deadline for bids for handling the city's ``1998 Access Ramps and Sidewalk Repair'' program.
  • Agree to hire Emerson Construction Inc., for $544,448, to handle construction of drainage improvements in the Creekwood/Deerfield area. Engineers had estimated the cost at $668,843.
  • Agree to hire LRM Industries Inc., for $369,835, to handle three repaving projects: Iowa Street, from Sixth Street to Yale Road; Sixth, from Rockledge Road to Arkansas Street; and North Third Street, from the Kansas Turnpike overpass to the north city limits. Engineers had estimated the projects to cost $348,435, or $21,400 less than LRM's offer. LRM submitted the only bid for the contract. City staffers recommend accepting the cost overrun, considering the pavement to be used is anticipated to reduce the probability of ``rolling'' and other pavement problems, City Manager Mike Wildgen said.
  • Agree to hire Black & Veatch Consulting Engineers, for $9,260, to research drinking water treatment alternatives.
  • Approve an ordinance, on first reading, to allow the sale, consumption and possession of alcohol July 18 in Burcham Park.
  • Approve an ordinance, on first reading, to establish new fees for obtaining photocopies of police reports. Costs would increase to $5 for a report up to five pages long, plus another 25 cents for each additional page. Current rates: $1 for each report up to 10 pages long, plus 10 cents for each additional page. The fee increases -- up to 500 percent in many cases -- reflect a need to recoup the costs of handling requests, said City Manager Mike Wildgen, who described the proposed fees as ``reasonable.''
  • Approve resolutions to: declare 1820 Vt. environmentally blighted and allow the property owner 20 days to abate the conditions; and request that Douglas County commissioners make certain findings concerning the pending annexation of an acre of property known as Cornerstone Plaza Addition No. 1, north of East 23rd Street.
  • Authorize Mayor Marty Kennedy to deed the property at 933 Pa. to Charles S. Johnson and Karen Johnson. The two are buying a house built for the city by graduate students studying architecture at Kansas University.
  • Accept dedication of easements and rights-of-way for the following plats: AT&T; at Riverridge, a one-lot subdivision covering 0.25 acre southwest of Riverridge Road and Lonetree Drive; a two-lot residential plat covering 0.81 acre along the west side of North Seventh Street and 300 feet south of North Street; a three-lot industrial subdivision covering 21.96 acres along the west side of the park along Greenway Circle; Prairie View Addition, a 24-lot residential subdivision covering 10.15 acres east of O'Connell Road and south of Kansas Highway 10 at East 27th Terrace (extended to the east); The Reserve at Alvamar No. 2, a residential area covering 3.265 acres and including four lots and two tracts to be maintained by a homeowners association a quarter-mile south of West 15th Street, south of Bobwhite Drive along Lake Alvamar Drive; and an agreement to plat for St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center, 1631 Crescent.
  • Approve a site plan for a JPI multifamily residential development -- proposing 192 dwelling units -- to be located on the south side of West 31st Street, west of SuperTarget.
  • Approve a site plan for the remodeling of the Sonic Drive-In, 1015 E. 23rd.
  • Approve a site plan for a parking lot expansion at Cottonwood Inc., 2801 W. 31st.
  • Approve a site plan for an addition to Wiklund and Peterson Dental Clinic, 2210 Yale, and Laser Logic Inc., 2214 Yale.
  • Approve a site plan for Brandon Woods No. 5 -- a duplex and triplex addition -- at the northeast corner of West 18th Street and Wakarusa Drive.
  • Consider a motion to recess into executive session to discuss the possible acquisition of real estate. Commissioners are scheduled to meet behind closed doors for 20 minutes. ``The justification for the executive session is to keep confidential possible terms and conditions of a possible real estate acquisition,'' the city's printed meeting agenda said. City Manager Mike Wildgen declined to discuss the possible purchase.
  • Receive a request from the city's Sister Cities Advisory Board concerning use of Watkins Park for a proposed Lawrence-Hiratsuka Japanese Garden, and consider approving the proposed location. Hiratsuka is one of Lawrence's two sister cities. The other is Eutin, Germany.
  • Discuss residential structure construction at 639 Ill. and receive a staff report concerning developer-proposed infrastructure improvements. Neighbors and others have opposed construction of a new home on the lot, saying it would increase existing drainage problems. City officials, however, already have granted a building permit for the project and maintain it is legitimate. Commissioners get to break the stalemate.
  • Receive a letter from Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt., concerning a possible land exchange. The church, seeking room for expansion, wants to trade downtown properties: The church would be able to expand to the south, onto an existing 40-space city parking lot. In exchange, the church would rebuild a lot -- with at least 40 spaces -- just to the south, onto property currently occupied by the church's thrift shop, 945 Vt.
  • Receive and discuss a memorandum from the city's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board concerning parks and recreation planning policy. The board wants the city to update its 1994 comprehensive plan for parks and recreation; enhance and strengthen city-school district relationships; continue neighborhood and community park concepts; and develop a closer relationship with the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission. The memo came in response to a proposal by City Commissioner John Nalbandian, who wanted the city to build new recreation centers only in developing neighborhoods, not established ones.
  • Consider adopting an updated master plan for the YSI/Adult Softball Complex area. The site -- currently developed with four adult softball fields, a batting cage, concessions stands and fields for youth baseball, softball, soccer and football -- could accommodate another four new adult softball fields, two adult soccer fields and five football or soccer fields, plus related parking. Although the city currently is proceeding with plans for a new maintenance building and parking lot for users of the South Lawrence Trafficway bike trails, officials anticipate forging partnerships with the Lawrence school district and Kansas University Athletic Corp. for future developments.
  • At the request of Commissioner John Nalbandian, discuss a possible policy concerning development timing along the West Sixth Street corridor.

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