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January 30, 1998


The West Side Presbyterian Church has a policy of listening to its congregation.

The Rev. Dick Pierson, who began his ministry in August, wants to guide church members in the direction they steer him.

"The goal right now is to discover what our purpose is," Pierson said. "The process of transition and evaluation takes a lot of work, thought and prayer."

Pierson said the church has a personal, family feel, and church members are a lively group who like to be active.

"We are a culture-embracing church," Pierson said. "We get involved in city and state politics."

Pierson said he enjoyed working with the diverse 150-member congregation whose church is at 1024 Kasold Dr.

"The congregation takes the teachings of Jesus Christ very seriously and tries to work them into their daily lives," Pierson said. "We're not just a one-hour-a-week church."

As part of its commitment to community, the church offers one community service project "with no strings attached."

This is how Pierson describes the church's affiliation with West Side Folk, an organization that brings folk singers to the church to perform for the community. The performances are not religious in nature.

The church also supports more traditional ministries such as college scholarships, local charitable organizations and causes for justice. The church works with a local Boy Scout troop and sponsors substance abuse self-help meetings.

The church is affiliated with Presbyterian U.S.A. on the national level, the General Assembly of Mid-America and the Presbyterian Northern Kansas. It has been a part of Lawrence since 1905.

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