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January 22, 1998


Lawrence public schools will send out annual progress reports.

The Lawrence School district is putting teachers and faculty to the test.

This week and next when students get their report cards, they will also take home a progress report that tells how their school is doing.

"The (Kansas) Legislature designed them in 1995 for the accountability of schools," said Julie Boyle, Lawrence school district communication assistant. "These are not to be used to rate or rank schools. They're designed as a snapshot of schools' progress toward their goals. The standards of excellence set by the board of education are set high so that schools will continue to push."

The progress reports include a background of the school, areas of strength and weakness, particularly in regard to areas of math problem-solving, reading comprehension and improvement goals.

"The general conclusions of the report cards are unique to that building," said Marlene Merrill, director of assessments and grants.

"We use multiple assessments as we look at progress," she said. "We have high expectations for student learning."

Teachers, who are directly affected by the reports, are expected to record areas of student improvement and take notes of areas where weaknesses exist.

"It helps us focus on the areas we've targeted for improvement," Stephanie Rorick, New York School early primary teacher, said. "This helps bring it more into focus."

It's not just the basic skills that Rorick and other teachers are getting students involved in.

"We also teach social skills," she said. "We're focusing on math, language arts and treating each other with respect."

Encouraging regular attendance at school is also part of Rorick's goal.

"A lot of what we're doing, like reading and writing, work hand in hand," she said.

Annual progress reports are available for every school except the newly opened Free State High School. Reports for FHSH will be available in January 1999.

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