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January 12, 1998


I've heard of this program called RAM Doubler. Does it work or should I simply add RAM?

On a PC it simply doesn't work: There is currently no truly effective RAM doubling program for the PC. Some programs that made these claims have even been recalled.

However, on a Macintosh it is effective. They key is not to allocate more than your "real" RAM to any one program. The program also allows you to save hard disk space by turning off virtual memory. RAM Doubler has slight incompatibilities with some software, so it occasionally causes problems.

For either a Mac or PC, don't forget that RAM is extremely inexpensive at this time. Geeks and other vendors sell 8-megabyte upgrades for about $25. I always recommend at least 16 megs for any Pentium or PowerPC (32 megs for a machine surfing the Web). On a PC, upgrading from 8 to 16 megs has been shown to give about a 30 percent speed increase, a pretty good deal for $25 to $50.

What is Quicktime. Will it speed up my machine?

Quicktime is software that primarily allows your computer to view "movies." The software was developed by Apple Computer and is used both on PCs and Macintoshes. Today, many Web sites have information that is developed for Quicktime.

Unfortunately, it does not speed up your computer.

-- David Greenbaum is director of Geeks on Wheels. You can send him questions at dsg

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