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January 6, 1998


Pitch, putt

permit OK'd

Douglas County commissioners Monday approved an after-the-fact conditional use permit for the addition of a nine-hole pitch and putt course to Twin Oaks Golf Complex, warning the owners to seek proper approval prior to building next time.

"I realize I got the cart ahead of the horse," said Jeff Burey, co-owner of the complex located at 1326 E. 1900 Rd.

Burey said he thought the existing permit for the business would allow the modification and built the course. A neighbor who supported the addition brought the error to the attention of the owner and the county commission.

The course, located southeast of the intersection of Kansas Highway 10 and Douglas County Route 1957, east of Lawrence, is scheduled to open in the spring.

Commission approves

encroachment agreement

The Douglas County Commission gave its final approval to an encroachment agreement at Monday's meeting.

The agreement, which serves to legalize unknown building encroachments by private persons on county land, was brought about when county officials were alerted to a private septic system that had been installed in county property at Lone Star Lake.

Commissioners agreed to approval on Dec. 29 but delayed a formal vote until the document was modified to show who would pay legal fees in such cases. As approved, the agreement makes the encroaching landowner responsible for any fees incurred.

Baldwin to take over

business park land

Douglas County commissioners approved the sale of property in the Baldwin Industrial Park to the city of Baldwin. The action allows the city to move forward with plans to sell 17.5 acres of the land to an interested business.

In just a few months, the city of Baldwin will make its last payment on the property and officially own the entire park. The $20,000, 71-acre park was purchased by the county for the city in 1989. Since then, the city has been paying $2,000 a year to the county for the land. The final payment will be due Feb. 15.

Beverage, site plan

licenses approved

Two cereal malt beverage licenses were approved by the Douglas County commission Monday -- one for Baldwin Junction Enterprises and one for Midland Store.

The commission also approved the site plan for the addition of a building to lot one of the Noria Station Subdivision. The 3,400-square-foot building will be used by Green Brothers Construction, property owners, for storage. The lot is located east of East Hills Business Park and north of the Atchison-Santa Fe Railroad.

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