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January 6, 1998


Douglas County Commission meeting business Jan., 7, 1998

John T. Stewart of Terravest Construction will ask Douglas County commissioners to approve a rezoning request and a preliminary development plan for Oak Ridge Estates, a planned county residential development.

Oak Ridge would consist of 14 residential lots and one tract containing the maintenance area and caretaker's quarters. The average lot size in the estates would be 5.72 acres, with the largest at 7.10 acres and the smallest at 5 acres.

The 93-acre area, south of the Kansas Turnpike and west of Queen's Road in Kanwaka Township, is both agricultural and rural in nature, according to commission documents. It is currently zoned for agriculture, and Stewart is asking that the zoning be changed to suburban home residential.

The two proposals come to the county commission with the approval of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission.

county background

Douglas County Commission meeting background for Jan. 7, 1998

Several area residents have voiced concerns about the new development and its effect on the surrounding area. The removal of trees and additional runoff from the developed properties could add to an existing flooding problem in the area, they say.

Increased traffic on the township road, which will provide access to the estates, is also a concern because local residents say it will likely lead to increased maintenance needs and accidents if not cared for properly.

The custom-built lots would sit behind a sloping grove of oak trees north of Baldwin Creek and would cost between $200,000 and $300,000 each.

Douglas County Commission other business for Jan. 7, 1998

  • Quarterly reports for the state of Kansas regarding the Eudora flood mitigation grant.
  • A conditional use permit for Vinland Valley Nursery, located at 1606 N. 600 Road, Baldwin. In addition to the sale of trees and plants, the owners -- Doug and Amy Davison -- propose to offer flower pots and boxes, garden ornaments, potting soils, mulches, fertilizers and other supplies.

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