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January 1, 1998


The "60 Minutes" commentator is gearing up to poke fun of a few facts compiled by a Lawrence book publisher.

Kathleen Morgan picked up the phone one night to hear a guy on the other end identify himself as a staff member with the investigative news program "60 Minutes."

Stricken by anxiety, she wondered if it was harbinger of an in-your-face interview with Mike Wallace?

Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Lesley Stahl or Steve Kroft might be lurking nearby.

Where was the hidden camera?

Never fear, it was just commentator Andy Rooney on the line.

Rooney said he wondered whether Morgan and her husband, Scott, would grant CBS permission to make use of their annual "State Rankings" reference book.

Rooney thought it would be humorous to talk about a few quirky facts in the 650-page book published annually by Morgan Quitno Press of Lawrence. It has state rankings in about 500 categories.

"I don't really care if they skewer our company as long as it is done in front of a couple million viewers," Scott Morgan said.

The result of Rooney's probing is scheduled to be broadcast 6 p.m. Sunday during Rooney's opinion segment, "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney."

"They assured us it's supposed to be funny," Kathleen Morgan said.

It all got started in June when CBS librarians stacked copies of outdated reference books by a hallway door.

Rooney walked past and picked up an old copy of "State Rankings."

Kathleen Morgan's glad the book was thick as a brick.

"We were discovered by Andy Rooney because he tripped over our book in the hallway."

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