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February 17, 1998


A passenger survey shows Kansas City International Airport is ``user friendly,'' says a KCI official.

It didn't make the top 10.

But Kansas City International Airport did rank 13th out of 36 airports in terms of popularity, according to a national passenger survey taken during the first six months of 1997.

The results don't surprise Joe McBride, a KCI spokesman.

``Typically KCI fares very well in terms of convenience factors, such as closed-in parking, baggage delivery, signage and other categories,'' McBride said Monday. ``This is just more proof that KCI is one of the most user-friendly airports in the country.''

The survey was done for the 36 national airports by Plog Research Inc., Los Angeles.

Typically Plog doesn't like that information released, but it was obtained by the Detroit News last week.

McBride said such information brings feedback to airports so they can make improvements.

``We use that survey and we've done our own,'' McBride said.

KCI's own survey has shown that passengers were generally satisfied with the airport, along similar lines as the Plog survey, he said.

``However, we did find some weaknesses,'' he said. ``That would include the food and beverage offerings, signage and entertainment. For instance, we're looking at putting televisions in the terminal buildings.''

He said Kansas City residents were also requesting the airport have more of a Kansas City flavor. The airport is now doing that with advertising in the terminals that shows photographs of the city. And there will also soon be a barbecue restaurant, he said.

The airport is also getting more parking, starting today.

The $24.2 million Terminal C parking garage is opening today, three months ahead of schedule, McBride said.

``Still yet to be done are the tunnels linking the garage to the terminal and also, the widening of the roadway,'' he said. ``But both of those are under way and should be done by August.''

The garage will provide 2,258 parking spaces, compared with 1,000 originally in the open lot.

``We're in the early design stages of the fourth parking garage that will be linking Terminals A and B,'' McBride said. ``That's just to keep ahead of the parking curve for demand for spaces, which continues to grow.''

The airport had 11 million passengers in 1997, which was the third straight record year.

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