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February 4, 1998


I wonder how Jerod Haase's book is selling. I bought it for my husband for Christmas and we both enjoyed reading it.

Haase's book "Floor Burns" has passed the 28,000 mark in sales. Some interesting tidbits:

  • In Salina, co-authors Haase and Mark Horvath sold 1,003 books in three hours. Horvath says it was the biggest one-day revenue total in Carroll's Entertainment Superstore's history.
  • In Newton, 580 books were sold in two hours.
  • At a Borders in Overland Park, 800 books were sold and signed in two hours. The Haase book outsold Princess Di memorabilia material by 35 copies.
  • In Emporia, 798 books were sold in three hours. At the signing, a teen-age girl hyperventilated upon meeting Haase.
  • Finally, in Manhattan, yes, rival Manhattan, 300 books were sold in two hours.

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