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February 3, 1998


Widening the existing U.S. Highway 24-40 from Lawrence to Tonganoxie would be a better use of funds than building a new leg of the road from Tonganoxie to Perry.

There has been growing discussion in recent months about the possibility of building a new leg of U.S. Highway 24-40 from Tonganoxie to Perry. Those calling for such a project say traffic loads are likely to increase on this route between Topeka and Kansas City and that something needs to be done to ease the traffic between Topeka and Tonganoxie.

Some suggest traffic counts will jump considerably if a proposed auto racetrack is built near the intersection of the Kansas Turnpike and Interstate 435.

The proposed 12-mile link from Tonganoxie to Perry would be a costly affair, and highway officials would have to obtain right of way through established farmland areas.

Why not improve the traffic situation by expanding the existing U.S. 24-40 between Lawrence and Tonganoxie to carry four lanes of traffic. It would be far more economical than building a new road. It would make travel from Topeka to Kansas City by U.S. 24 far safer than it is today, and it would provide Tonganoxie motorists easier access to the Kansas Turnpike.

The Lawrence-to-Tonganoxie road should have been improved long ago. It is difficult to understand why Lawrence or Tonganoxie leaders have not given more attention to this project before.

There are many reasons why, if state and federal highway officials can find sufficient funding, that this narrow, twisting, two-lane highway should be widened to a four-lane road hooking to the recently widened and improved 24-40 from Tonganoxie to Kansas City.

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