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December 25, 1998


Recent events in the nation have left many Americans seeking the peace of the Christmas season.

Amid the barrage of negative national news, many Americans are ready for a season of peace.

Amid sexual scandals and reported affairs, people are ready for a holiday filled with simple, non-controversial love.

Amid our healthy economy, in which many Americans are enjoying unprecedented plenty, people are looking for spiritual gifts that money can't buy.

We all need a little Christmas.

It seems that no matter how hurried and hassled we get around the holidays, the season still carries with it a special atmosphere. People feel a little more like sharing and getting together with family and friends. We feel a little more like helping a neighbor or even someone we don't know.

If we're fortunate, we may be able to make time for some quiet reflection on the meaning of the season -- and even share those thoughts with someone else. In many cases, we long for simpler times and look with nostalgia on the traditions from our childhoods.

For most people -- especially adults -- wish lists are more filled with intangible needs like love and security than with material items.

Christmas should be a time when all those wishes are granted. Everyone should be loved and have a secure home. No one should have to be lonely or go hungry. Unfortunately, that's not the case, but at Christmas we do make a special effort to try to make life better for those who are less fortunate. We are willing to be a little more charitable, with both our possessions and our attitudes.

Today, with the shopping and rushing behind you and the returns and sales just around the corner, take some time to enjoy your loved ones and renew your spirit. The holiday season will be over soon enough, and the worries of the world will engulf us once again.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a warm holiday feeling that will bolster your spirits as you enter the new year.

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