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December 14, 1998


Of all the businesses along North Second in North Lawrence that had to be elevated four feet because of the floodplain, how come Tanger Mall never had to be elevated four feet when they built it?

Here's the answer from city hall:

"Sheila Stogsdill, assistant director in the planning department, reviewed the Floodplain Development Permit file for the Tanger Outlet Center.

"According to their permit and site plan, the floor elevation for the center was set at 823.5. This is a similar floor elevation that would have been required for other commercial buildings in the vicinity such as Sonic and Burger King.

"The additional elevation is not as noticeable on this site because of the depth of the property. The site was naturally higher to the west (towards the railroad track embankment) and because the building is set so much farther off of North Second Street there was not as much fill material required for the building site.

"The parking lot site was also filled, which provides a gradual change in elevation from North Second Street to the west property line.

"Department staff also mentioned the individual elevations of the properties differ along North Second so the amount of fill that is required is dependent upon the original site elevation."

When will the city synchronize the consecutive traffic lights on Sixth and 23rd streets like it did on Iowa?

The city currently has a consultant under contract to synchronize the traffic signals along Sixth between Massachusetts and Wakarusa Drive. A similar project will be initiated along 23rd at a future date when funding is available, said David Woosley, city traffic engineer.

City Manager Mike Wildgen said the 23rd Street synchronization "should occur next year depending on exact costs" and other factors.

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