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IN 1898

December 14, 1998


On Dec. 14, 1898, the Lawrence Journal told of the previous evening's annual meeting of the Associated Charities of Lawrence in the rooms of the W.C.T.U. in the Watkins building (now the Watkins Community Museum). The chairman Alfred Whitman began by reviewing the past decade noting, "The original organization was the result of a charity concert given in 1888 at the opera house, when the sum of $441 was realized, and as there was no organization to which it could properly be turned over, a mass meeting was called and the Associated Charities was organized. The work of the association was shown to have been confined to supplementing the charity work of the city and county. No attempt has been made to -- in any way -- do the work of furnishing provisions or fuel, but the society has confined its attention to the care of the sick and the aged, and to providing clothing and shoes."

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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