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December 9, 1998


When will the KU financial report for the year ending June 30, 1998, be available? How can I get a copy?

A complete financial report for KU will be available by mid-January, said Diane Goddard, university comptroller. Copies will be available for viewing at the Office of the Comptroller, Watson Library and the Office of University Relations.

Would the J-W consider putting a newspaper recycling bin in their parking lot so there will be a bin downtown?

"We simply do not have room for an outside container or truck trailer, or for the temporary parking spaces that would be required to make a recycling bin conveniently accessible," said Ralph Gage, general manager of the Journal-World. "Exterior space limitations cause us to store our own waste indoors now, instead of using a truck trailer permanently on site as we did before our most recent building addition."

Bob Yoos, the city's solid waste manager, said city officials long had hoped to locate a recycling bin in the downtown area -- a prospect that has remained elusive.

"We need parking lots with a surplus of parking spaces, which is a luxury we have not found downtown," Yoos said.

Currently, the city has newspaper recycling boxes at the following locations:

  • Alvin's IGA (behind the store), 901 Iowa.
  • Hobby Lobby, 601 Kasold.
  • Lonnie's Recycling, 501 Maple.
  • Checkers Foods Store, 2300 La.

Wal-Mart's Community Recycling Center, 3300 Iowa, also accepts old newspapers for recycling.

Where can I buy a decent Santa Claus suit here in Lawrence?

A check of several stores Monday found that Wal-Mart had Santa costumes for sale, and Sew What Designs, 619 E. Eighth, had one suit for sale.

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