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December 9, 1998


To the editor:

After three years, Starr could not find any criminal action on the part of the president in the Whitewater affair, Travelgate, or the death of a high level government official. Since this did not get the results he was after, he expanded his investigation into the president's private life and finally did come up with major criminal charges: the president had the incredible nerve to deny an improper, extra-marital relationship, and allegedly went even beyond that and told the "other woman" not to talk about it either. Obviously, such criminal behavior deserves the most severe punishment available for a sitting president under our Constitution. The overwhelming majority of the American people may not agree; but that simply shows that they do understand the Congress' constitutional obligations and duties.

Now, after four years of intensive investigation and after more than $40 million of expenditures of taxpayers' money, a congressional committee has been in session for months on end to decide whether the president should be charged with one, two or three impeachable offenses. But, here come these White House lawyers demanding that they get four days to bring up a defense. What a nerve! Just because the non-partisan accusers took four years to develop their case does not mean that any defense needs to be allowed at all. These lawyers should be grateful that they are given two days. And if that is not enough time to call all their witnesses, so what? We all know that all they want is to drag out the case.

So much for fairness, justice and non-partisan objectivity.

Harry G. Shaffer,

2510 Jasu Dr.

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